"Diane's depth of knowledge and helpful clues of musical interpretation helped me to better immerse myself in the music from both a technical and creative standpoint." ~Dominic (age 22)

"Of the handful of piano teachers that my kids have had, Diane has been their favorite (and mine) hands down! She brings a fresh energy and enthusiasm to each lesson, applies a lot of musicality for inspiration, and thinks outside the box to creatively engage each student." ~Shannon, parent (students ages 11 and 7)

"Diane was the first piano teacher that I had that made me feel comfortable with making mistakes. I improved so much with the help of Diane's patience and many techniques!" ~Alyssa (age 20)

"It was a privilege to have Diane Turner as my son’s piano instructor for the past two years while she was attending college.  Diane is outstanding in how she teaches piano! Diane understands music; but more than that, she has a passion for her students to learn piano in a caring way.  My son was excited to attend lessons and learn piano at his best.  Diane comes highly recommended and will serve other students to achieve a high level of understanding of piano and to know that they are valued." ~John, parent (student age 15)